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Sustainability is important to you, and you know what you wish your money could do. But how can you make that happen? How can you make your first sustainable investment?

Your values matter when it comes to how you invest. Values matter in almost every decision you make – from who your friends are to what businesses you patronize. Why shouldn’t they play a role in who you support with your investment dollars?

Sustainable practices make companies more competitive and less susceptible to changes, risks, and bad decisions. Study after study proves this out – sustainable companies tend to outperform over the long term. If you’re a long-term investor, this is something you should have the chance to take advantage of.

Companies, like people, need to be held accountable if they cause harm to their workers, customers, or communities. You create that accountability when you choose to invest your values.

Ready to Make Your First Sustainable Investment?

Till Investors is building the tools and information you need to help you make your first sustainable investment. If you’re ready to go shopping, our Fund Manager Profiles can point you to the right choices for you. Or if you need more information, you can check out our ESG 101 section, or reach out to us with your own personal sustainability questions.


Is sustainable investing some kind of new, speculative investment approach?

Definitely not. Values-aligned investing has always existed. Recently, better data and greater demand from large-scale institutional investors has caused sustainable investing to grow dramatically.

Doesn’t investing for sustainability automatically mean lower returns?

Nope. The evidence suggests you don’t have to sacrifice financial gains for investing in what you believe in. Sustainable investment strategies perform as well as, or better than, traditional strategies – especially over the long term.

Isn’t it true that companies only care about money, and that sustainability is just a lot of marketing hokum?

Unfortunately, sometimes the answer is yes. But maybe not as often as you think. Smart companies – the ones that tend to last – avoid tactics like relying on increasingly scarce resources, ripping off their customers, or making enemies of their own employees. There are good ways to evaluate a company’s sustainability practices or decide if an ESG fund is on the up-and-up.

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