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Sustainability is important to you, and you know what you wish your money could do. But how can you make that happen? How can you make your first sustainable investment?

Your values matter when it comes to how you invest. Values matter in almost every decision you make – from who your friends are to what businesses you patronize. Why shouldn’t they play a role in who you support with your investment dollars?

Sustainable practices make companies more competitive and less susceptible to changes, risks, and bad decisions. Study after study proves this out – sustainable companies tend to outperform over the long term. If you’re a long-term investor, this is something you should have the chance to take advantage of.

Companies, like people, need to be held accountable if they cause harm to their workers, customers, or communities. You create that accountability when you choose to invest your values.

How can you make your first sustainable investment?

Till Investors is building the tools and information you need to help you make your first sustainable investment.

Learn the Basics

Why do people choose to invest sustainably, and is it right for you? Check out our white paper, “Three Reasons to Become a Sustainable Investor — and the One Big Reason You’ll Be Glad You Did.” Or read our Basics series, which will answer the most important questions you’ll face as you choose sustainable investing.

ESG 101

Discover Your Fighting Style

How do you like to advocate for change? As a sustainable investor, you’ll need to know your personal fighting style in order to find an approach that’s right for you. Take our quiz!

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Find the Right Type of Fund for You

Once you’re ready to go shopping, you’ll want to find investments that suit your interests, your values, and your fighting style. Our Fund Manager Profiles can do that and a whole lot more.

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First Sustainable Investment Stories

My family has solar panels and electric cars, so we wanted a better option than traditional energy firms like Exxon. We looked for ways to move into sustianable options because we’re choosing to put our money where our philosophy is.


Jennifer Martin, Retired Sustainable Investor

Your ESG profiles have been helpful on my journey to adjust my investment profile by first becoming more ESG-informed.


Faye Rivkin

My husband and I had been talking for years about investing in funds outside of our 401k accounts, but it was overwhelming. We had so many questions about how to invest and how to budget recurring investments that we were paralyzed with indecision. Needless to say, we blinked and years went by without resolve. After reading [the book] we realized it was time to take action and ownership of our finances. A little bit saved over time is better than complete inaction. We leveraged the guidance from the book to tailor our investment strategy to long-term goals and align it with our values. Ultimately, we opted to invest in a sustainable exchange-traded fund (ETF) focused on renewable energy. It felt great to make that first sustainable investment into our financial future as well as contribute to the future of renewable resources.


Jackie Cahalane

I marvel at people who don’t get involved with responsible investing, especially if you come from a faith-based background. But I’ve found that if you work with an advisor, you really have to push the agenda to make sure they will look at these options. Till’s information and tools can be really helpful in that regard.


Mike Leiter, Sustainable Investor

To invest sustainably does not have to be complicated nor should it be detrimental to financial performance: Ben Vivari and Kylelane Purcell provide a straightforward approach for investors with solid advice and acumen. I highly recommend for new investors who are strongly considering sustainable investing strategies.


Jennifer Coombs, Director of Client Success, Ethos ESG

Do you have your own first sustainable investing story?

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