Sustainable Investing: An “ESG” Starter Kit

Authored by Ben Vivari and Kylelane Purcell

You are passionate about the very important issues facing our world: Climate change. Racial justice. Gender equality. And you do things big and small to reflect those passions – buying green products, donating to causes you care about, voting, recycling. But there’s an even more powerful way to advocate for what matters to you: Changing your investments.

This book is perfect for individuals looking to make their first investments in the rapidly expanding world of sustainable mutual funds and ETFs. It contains useful and practical guidance on how to find, understand, and analyze funds that carry green labels. Whether you simply want to divest your IRA from fossil fuels, or want to make sure your voice is represented at company board meetings across the world, Sustainable Investing provides you with concrete steps to align your money with your values.

What You’ll Learn

  • Where sustainable investing comes from – and why it’s become incredibly popular among large institutions and highly wealthy people
  • Why it works – not just as an expression of your values but as a sensible way to grow your wealth over time
  • How to do it – and how to recognize and stay away from “greenwashing”

Sustainable Investing: An “ESG” Starter Kit

Now Available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble, our book covers all the basics when it comes to ESG & Sustainable Investing!

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