Fund Manager Profiles

When you’re ready to make your first sustainable investment, Till Investors’ Fund Manager Profiles can lead you in the right direction.

Why get buried under the hundreds of sustainable fund options? Till’s Fund Manager Profiles walk you through many of the top companies that sponsor sustainable funds, organizing them into simple categories and highlighting their most important features. They are a quick and easy way to help you narrow down the options and put you on the path of making your first sustainable investment.

Key Points

  • The Profiles include both sustainable offerings from large fund companies and smaller firms with a sustainable focus.
  • We focus on authenticity, transparency, and follow through – as in, do the firms say what they do, and do what they say?
  • We provide examples and key data for some of the most popular funds available for sustainable investors, including general “ESG” funds as well as funds with a special focus like gender or clean energy.

Fund Manager Profiles

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