ESG Fund Manager Profiles

Every year, more and more individuals are making the choice to invest some or all of their savings in “sustainable” mutual funds and ETFs. Whether they are moving their money away from fossil fuels and other polluters, investing in companies that treat their workers fairly, or putting their money behind specific social justice issues, these everyday savers are aligning their money with their values, and investing in a world that they want to see come true.

The investment industry has reacted to this trend, and today, there are hundreds of mutual funds and ETFs out there carrying “Sustainable” labels, and even more esoteric labels like “ESG.” But these funds are often poorly labeled, difficult to compare, and there is always the threat of greenwashing. Even some financial advisors can have trouble sorting through them to find good options for their clients.

We’re here to help. When you’re ready to make your first sustainable investment, Till Investors’ ESG Fund Manager Profiles can lead you in the right direction.

Our ESG Fund Manager Profiles put you on the path to your first sustainable investment by highlighting and exploring some of the largest and most popular ESG Fund Managers in the marketplace.

You’ll Get:

  • Breakdowns of ESG funds offered by some of the largest asset mangers in the world, like BlackRock and Vanguard.
  • Analysis of sustainable offerings from ESG-focused firms like Parnassus and Calvert.
  • Descriptions of funds with a specific focus like gender diversity or green energy.

… all with an eye on avoiding greenwashing


ESG Fund Manager Profiles

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Want to learn more?

Sustainable, or “ESG,” investing isn’t just a hot new trend – it’s a measured investment strategy that has shown to provide strong long-term results and manage long-term risk. You can learn much more about it in our ESG 101 page by clicking the link below!

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