ESG 101

What Does ESG Mean?

Let’s start with a little context. When you invest, your fund manager evaluates all kinds of financial data about the companies or bonds you invest in. Sustainable investors ask managers to go a step further – to look at other kinds of information in addition to financial data.


A company’s impact on the environment and the world around them


How a company treats customers, the people who work for them, and the communities they operate in


Factors like board diversity, executive salaries, transparency, and political contributions

Why Does ESG Matter?

There are lots of ways that sustainable investing benefits you and the world around you. We’ve collected the most important in “Three Reasons to Become a Sustainable Investor…and the One Big Reason You’ll Be Glad You Did.” It’s everything you need to know about why sustainable investing is such a popular and worthwhile way to plan for your own financial future.

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How Do I ESG?


Want to hear what clear, compelling ESG conversation sounds like? Check out Kylelane Purcell, co-founder of Till, on the Stocks for Beginners podcast.