Our Why

We’re here to address a challenge we’ve encountered time and time again:

Given the choice, the vast majority of people would like their investments to reflect their values. And yet, very few people know that it’s even possible to do that. The people who should help you invest sustainably – mutual fund firms, financial advisors, retirement plan administrators – often struggle to do so. As a result, most everyday savers, and many organizations, end up invested in companies or industries that they would prefer not to.

That needs to change. And we’re here to do something about it.

Till Investors is empowering investors with straightforward guidance and answers to tough questions. We have been translating “finance-speak” for a long time, and we know a lot about what investors want – and why they sometimes find investing frustrating. Importantly, we are not here to sell a particular fund or investment vehicle. We are not trying to get you to invest with us in some way. Rather, we are showing you how to find a fund that you like, how to see your investments in a new light, and how to put your money to work in more ways than one.

Want to chat sustainable investing? Have an idea of how we can help you or vice versa? We’re always game.

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Ben Vivari


  • Chartered SRI Counselor
  • Sustainable Business Advocate
  • Juggles Work, Kids, Teaching, and Volunteering in His Community

Kylelane Purcell


  • 30-Year Veteran of Investment Education
  • Owner of Purcell Communications for nearly two decades
  • Parent, Coach, and Sustainable Investor