Newsletter — December 2023

The holidays are upon us, and we hope you will have plenty of time to focus on the things that matter – appreciating family and friends, giving to others, and taking time to be with the people in your community.

Sustainable investors can look back on 2023 with the knowledge that they invested in a way that helps make the world a better place. Looking ahead to 2024, we see a lot of compelling trends that will impact sustainable investors. Here are a few reflections about where we stand and where we’re going.

One of our key trends for 2024 is that everyday investors need better information to become confident sustainable investors. What’s the best way to tackle that challenge? By buying Till Investors’ book – Sustainable Investing: An ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors – for someone in your life. It’s a great gift for many people, including:

  • Young professionals trying to get a grasp on how to invest their new retirement savings in a way that’s meaningful to them.
  • Friends and family who are advocates for the environment or social justice issues.
  • Anyone sitting on the board of a foundation, running a small business with a 401(k) plan, or who has a say about how money is invested.

Sustainable investing is better together. Help spread the word – and some impact – all at the same time.

Investors continued to find sustainable approaches to be imperfect in 2023 – a fair assessment! But as we look forward, we see a lot of good signs and evidence that 2024 could be a critical inflection point.

These trends should all be good news for sustainable investors, regardless of whether they are values-driven or information-driven. But in our view, all this progress won’t mean very much if investors aren’t able to make sense of ESG investments.

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We have our own points of view, but we’re finding that the leading lights in the sustainability world have their own perspectives about 2024. Here are a few of their comments from a quick LinkedIn conversation we started up.

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For us at Till Investors, 2023 was an eye-opening adventure. With the help of smart people in our industry, and lots of input from investors and advisors, we wrote the book on sustainable investing and did all we could to get the word out. It’s helped us initiate some cool partnerships for 2024 – with the Community Foundation of Frederick, with the Invest for Better global women’s investment club, with an investment news source called Equities that is expanding its sustainable investing platform. We have more irons in the fire, and there are more adventures to come.

We have one final ask for 2023: could you please post a review of our book on our Amazon page? We want to show the world that investing your values is something that people care about, and this is one simple way to do it.

We sincerely hope your new year is filled with hope, joy, and excellent adventures of your own.