Newsletter — August 2023

The shift toward more sustainable business and investing continues apace, with governments, corporations, and even nonprofits rethinking their approaches. This month we offer stories about people and organizations putting their money where their mouth is, pursuing positive ways to drive change with their investments.

If you want a more meaningful way to build your savings, you don’t need to be left out. Till’s upcoming book, “Sustainable Investing: an ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors” is now available for presale at Amazon. It can help you embrace a new approach to money and give you the guidance to make your first sustainable investment.

“There’s a major power shift happening right now,” says Andy Behar. Behar is the CEO of As You Sow, a nonprofit leader in shareholder advocacy, and author of The Shareholder Action Guide. Till Investors spoke with Behar recently about how shareholders are learning to use proxy votes to push companies in new, more sustainable directions, and the tools AYS is creating to put more power into sustainable investors’ hands.

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We love everyday investors – so much we included them in the title of our upcoming book! But investing your values isn’t just a personal effort. For nonprofits, education institutions, and other organizations, “values” is the business plan. That’s why Till Investors has been doing low-cost consulting to local organizations that have endowments or other invested money, to help them align their investment policies with their missions.

Mission-driven organizations can create so much more impact when their financial resources are invested in alignment with their mission.

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“We’re choosing to put our money where our philosophy is,” says Jennifer M, commenting on her decision to become a sustainable investor. Have you moved your savings into something sustainable – an ESG mutual fund, a climate-focused ETF, or any of the hundreds of other sustainable options? If so, we want to hear about your first time – why you did it and how it felt.

Let’s talk about what you need and how we can get it done. Contact the experts at Till Investors today!

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The U.S. Treasury has given sustainable investing a new name (as if it needed another one!). “The IRA [Inflation Reduction Act] is a prime example of what [Treasury] Secretary [Janet] Yellen calls ‘modern supply-side economics’: the use of government action to promote growth while addressing climate change or inequality,” notes a recent report from the Treasury. Importantly, the focus of the IRA is less on government spending and more on actions that will spur private investment to achieve critical sustainability goals.

For sustainable investors, the long and short of it is – government is putting its thumb on the scales to promote success for more-sustainable companies in the future.

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