Newsletter — September 2023

Till Investor’s book, Sustainable Investing: an ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors, comes out on October 9. Over the next several months, we’ll be using it as a launching pad to talk about the benefits and challenges of ESG investing with everyday investors, advisors, and industry professionals.

Sustainable investing goes by many names – ESG, green investing, socially responsible investing, environmental investing. We call it a new way to money. What matters most is having the opportunity, and the tools, to use your money in a way that suits your values.

Industry People Like It. Will You?

“To invest sustainably does not have to be complicated nor should it be detrimental to financial performance: Ben Vivari and Kylelane Purcell provide a straightforward approach for investors with solid advice and acumen. I highly recommend for new investors who are strongly considering sustainable investing strategies.”

That’s the official review from Jennifer Coombs, Director of Client Success at Ethos ESG of the Till Investors new book, Sustainable Investing: an ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors. She’s not alone. We’re pleased to have received positive feedback from people we consider to be industry titans, such Jon Hale, former Global Head of ESG Research at Morningstar…Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow… Casey Aspin, Editor at Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)… and numerous sustainability focused financial advisors. But the reviews we really love come from aspiring sustainable investors like you. Check out our book and tell us if it helps you rethink your money in environmental, social, or green ways.

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A Thank You to Jon Hale

Jon Hale, former Global Head of ESG Research at Morningstar, is one of our favorite writers about sustainable investing. He was kind enough to write a compelling forward for our new book, and we are highly appreciative. An excerpt:

“Just as an automobile is a product designed to meet our transportation needs, a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment product designed to meet our financial goals. An electric vehicle (EV) meets our utilitarian need for transportation, but unlike cars with internal combustion engines, an EV does so with zero emissions, also benefiting people and planet, which makes it a better choice for the sustainably minded consumer. Similarly, a sustainable fund is one that meets our need for a risk-adjusted return on our investment while also leaving a positive impact on people and planet, making it a better choice for the sustainably minded investor.”

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Hitting the Road

Till Investors will be attending three conferences in October to talk with everyday investors, advisors, and industry professionals about the opportunities and challenges of sustainable investing. First up: the ESG for Impact! advisor conference in Colorado, run by George Gay’s First Affirmative advisor network. Gay is a leading light among sustainable advisors – he dates back to a time when it was still called socially responsible investing! And he’s spent his career giving advisors the tools and resources they need to help clients invest their values.

We interviewed Gay for a recent blog post, asking his advice for investors who struggle to talk with their advisors about sustainable investing approaches.

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Hear About the New Way to Money on Queer Money

One of the great things about promoting a book is a chance to talk to really interesting people on subjects like green investing, social investing, and ESG. For example, we just dropped our first podcast with the guys from Queer Money – David Auten and John Auten Schneider. Those guys are fund and cheeky and we had a great conversation. You can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or even YouTube TV.

We’ve scheduled 5 other podcasts in the past few weeks. Interestingly, each one talks about “a new way to money” from a slightly different angle: some of the hosts talk about return and risk. Some talk about greenwashing. Some talk about data, or about regulation. There’s a lot to talk about, which is why we’re out there trying to keep things simple and understandable. Keep an eye on our Newsletter for updates!

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