Newsletter — March 2024

Update incoming! This week, we are publishing our first major upgrade to Till Investors’ Fund Manager Profiles. In addition to plugging in newer data, we have added many new fund profiles and greatly expanded the visual tool we use to summarize the funds that are available to you.

Fund Manager Profiles 2.0

When we published the Till Investors book in fall 2023, we wanted to include a description of some of the larger, most popular sustainable funds. We weren’t trying to promote them (or any funds for that matter), but we felt that sustainable funds were different in character than traditional funds, and investors needed more information to find what was right for them. And voila, our Fund Manager Profiles were born.

But the version in our book was just the start. In this updated release, we have greatly expanded our coverage to include a wider range of both core sustainable funds and popular funds that focus on specific sustainability themes. And we’ve provided more tools to help you find the right funds for you. Even better, this update is FREE for people who have purchased our book. Give them a look and let us know what you think.

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Finding Your Fit with the New Profile Tool  

The aspect of this update we are most proud of is our new Fund to Know table. It includes not just the relevant data, but also the key information we think you’ll need to make a fund selection. Those include:

  1. What issues do you care most about (or, do you want sustainable standards for all companies)?
  2. Where should this fund fit in your investment portfolio?
  3. What is your preferred fighting style?

This month’s blog post explains our thinking and lay out how you can use the Fund to Know table to your advantage. We also included some other insights we gleaned in the process of working through the update. Our main takeaway? The sustainable fund market is alive and well and it isn’t going away.

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Soon to be available on

We want to make sure that any investor has access to good sustainable fund information. With that in mind, we’ve entered into an agreement with to include Fund Profiles content on their site. We also worked with them to develop a sustainable investor quiz to help quickly guide you to specific fund options. This content will be available later this year.


Where Are You Coming From?

At Till Investors we are committed advocates for sustainable investing. What you put your money behind is a powerful choice, and everyone should have the opportunity to invest in alignment with your values. You know who agrees with us? The … let’s call them less sustainable investing advocates, who have been trying like hell to quiet sustainable advocates with labels like “woke” investing.

But we didn’t build these Profiles for us. We put the work in to make it easier for investors – you – to find sustainable investments that are right for you. We want to hear your response. What works or doesn’t work? What can we provide that would make your decisions easier? Hit that “Reach Out” button below and tell us. If you want, we’ll even feature you in a future issue of our newsletter.

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