Newsletter — June 2024

Investing is as old as the wind. But sustainable investing? That’s a cat of a different color. It’s newer. It’s different. And…well, it’s not always understood. We perceive a huge gap between people wanting to invest their values, and people feeling comfortable enough to do it. That’s the issue that drives Till Investors the most, and it’s the reason we are committed to education and communication.

This month’s newsletter sees us trying to dispel the most persistent myth in sustainable investing in our latest blog. Then we’ll share some of the myriad ways we are partnering with other leaders in this industry to inform, educate, and inspire the sustainable investing inclined.

This month’s blog: a Deeper Dive on “Giving Up Returns”

This may seem obvious, but: it’s hard to embrace sustainable investing when you think it won’t make any money. In our experience, that’s what a lot of people think – despite loads of evidence to the contrary. Why does this myth persist?

This month’s blog digs in on this question and shares a tool that institutional investors use to understand how returns and impact can be balanced. The institutional experience can be instructive for everyday investors and dispel the notion that values and money don’t mix.

The Sustainable Investing Pros Are Talking to You

Later this June, Till Investors will be joining up with at the US SIF Conference – an annual get together of sustainability industry professionals. We’ll be connecting with innovators and touring some compelling impact investment projects around Chicago. But we’ll also be talking with these pros on how to better connect with sustainable investors and their advisors. is building a media site that focuses on sustainable investors, and Till Investors is contributing editorial strategy and content for their audience. Increasingly, we’re finding that sustainability pros are looking for a platform to debate ideas and share unique investment opportunities. Our goal at US SIF is to encourage this crowd to keep talking – and we can only encourage you to read what they have to say at

Let’s Make Sustainable Investing Easier to Understand 

Another benefit of attending the US SIF conference: we’ll be able to catch up with Michael Young, the organization’s Director of Education and Outreach. Michael is an excellent communicator and has helped develop several US SIF educational programs, such as their fundamentals courses for both individual investors and advisors.

We’ve talked with Michael about participating in committees he is setting up to improve outreach and communication. We look forward to playing a role and contributing whatever is needed to make sustainable investing easier to understand. And as we often say at Till Investors, we want to get more people talking about how to find sustainable options that are suitable for you. 

Till Investors Teaches Sustainable Stock Investing to Invest for Better

Starting August 13, Till Investors will be leading a three-session educational seminar about how to incorporate sustainability into your stock investments for Invest for Better. Invest for Better is an excellent nonprofit organization specifically focused on helping women find their financial power and become smart, confident values-aligned investors.

Invest for Better cofounder Janine Firpo offered us the opportunity after reading our book Sustainable Investing: An ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors. We’re very excited to participate and to give more visibility to IFB’s excellent programs. If you’re interested, you can sign up to become a member at the Join Us page of the IFB website.