ESG Fund Manager Profiles

Every year, more individuals are looking for help with investing in “sustainable” mutual funds and ETFs. This change is being driven by the investors of tomorrow: Younger investors and women in particular show high levels of interest in investing sustainably.

For Financial Advisors, this is an incredible opportunity—and a tremendous challenge. There are hundreds of mutual funds and ETFs available carrying “sustainable” labels, and even more with esoteric labels like “ESG.” But these funds’ strategies are often vague and difficult to compare, and there is always the threat of greenwashing. Trying to find an appropriate fund for a client interested in sustainability can be an exhausting exercise.

We’re here to help. Our ESG Fund Manager Profiles cut through the hundreds of sustainable funds out there to highlight some of the largest and most popular ESG fund managers in the market. We highlight key funds that have drawn billions of dollars of investments to date. And we give you clear analysis of the fund managers that Advisors can use to help steer their clients into an investment they can feel good about.

You’ll Get:

  • Breakdowns of ESG funds offered by some of the largest asset mangers in the world, like BlackRock and Vanguard.
  • Analysis of sustainable offerings from ESG-focused firms like Parnassus and Calvert.
  • Descriptions of funds with a specific focus like gender diversity or green energy.

… all with an eye on avoiding greenwashing


ESG Fund Manager Profiles

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Sustainable, or “ESG,” investing isn’t just a hot new trend – it’s a measured investment strategy that has shown to provide strong long-term results and manage long-term risk. You can learn much more about it in our ESG 101 page by clicking the link below!

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